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The Kleiner Perkins internet trend report for 2018 just got released. And just as last year we decided to bring you a recap of the chapters involving China’s Internet Trends in 2018.

Highlights regarding Chinese Internet Trends 2018 include:

  • China’s mobile payments volume increase by 209% towards $16 trillion in 2017.
  • China has global highest percent of e-commerce as entire retail sales revenue.
  • China accounts for 68% of the entire global on-demand transport market and rising.
  • Online promotion revenues raised in China by 29% year on year.
  • Live-streaming accounts for the highest revenue per hour in China (over Online Games)
  • Accounts for online┬ávideo platform content exceeded those of Chinese TV-networks
  • A wide selection of Digital Grocery Stores are opening in China (Lead by Alibaba).
  • Chinese Retail using technology to analyze consumers (traffic heat map, RFID shoes, 3D foot scan)
  • Douyin (International: Tik-Tok) experienced 78x year on year growth in daily users.

China keep growing powerful in 2018More people use internet in China by the year

Amount of China mobile Internet users

Amount of China mobile Internet users

Internet Data Usage Growth in China

Entertainment Daily time spent in China

Chinese people spend more time at mobile platforms in 2018

China Short-Form video leaders 2018

Content budget increase for Chinese online ads

China Online Long-form video original

China Team Based Multiplayer games grow fast

Global Interactive Game Revenue in China

Worldwide E-commerce Share Gains continue to grow inside China

Gross merchandise value in China

Realtime e-commerce in China 2018

Chinese retail driving higher sales productivity

China use heatmap, rfid and 3d foot scan to track retail

Online payments in China is growing rapidly in 2018

Increasing mobile payments in China 2018

Increased Chinese Online Advertising Revenue

Transportation trip volume by region in China