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China’s largest internet company Tencent launched WeChat in early 2011. Over six year of expansion WeChat has evolved from a basic messaging application to a powerful portal for news, banking, shopping, rental, taxi-hailing, ticket booking and other daily services.

It is fair to say that Tencent together with WeChat has defined itself as a highly relevant player within the Chinese online ecosystem. The new WeChat Data Report show steady growth and show a record number of 960 million active users throughout the platform.


  • 902 million averages daily¬†logged in users in September (up by 17% 2017)
  • 38 billion messages sent on WeChat everyday
  • 5 million monthly active¬†Official Accounts (up by 14% 2017)
  • 797 million monthly active users of Official Accounts, (up by 19% 2017)

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