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[An updated version for 2018 is available here]

Just a few hours ago at the Code Conference at the Terranea Resort in California Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker delivered her annual rapid-fire internet trends report. For mobile use, we recommend using the readability mode while browsing this post.

Highlights regarding Chinese Internet Trends 2017 include:

  • Chinese mobile internet users grew 12% last year.
  • Mobile internet usage grew 30%.
  • Internet in China is now 55% of all time spent on media, significantly above the TV.
  • China’s service sector now accounts for over half (52%) the economy.
  • China is now number 1 interactive game market globally beating the US.
  • China accounts for 67% of ALL global on-demand transportation.
  • Bike sharing users now 20 million with 100%+ monthly growth rate.
  • China mobile payment volume in 2016 reached over $5 trillion (x2 last year).
  • China B2C e-commerce is now 15% of all retail sales and growing fast.
  • China online advertising revenue is now a $40 billion market.
  • China e-commerce is now 71% mobile commerce.

China Internet

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Chinese Internet is growing

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China Mobile Internet Users

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China Internet

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