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In today’s digital landscape, one thing is doubtless, businesses and brands need to navigate new challenges to understand the complex, multi-platform journeys of their clients.

So what is different in the new Googles new version of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

  •  GA4 makes us of a significantly different data structure and data collection logic
  •  Everything is now built around users and events instead of sessions as it was in the past.
  •  An events-based model processes each user interaction as a standalone event.

The last part is significant since we historically used to rely on a session-based model which grouped user interactions within a given time frame.

Changing the focus from sessions towards events provides significant benefits to marketers such as cross-platform analysis and further enhanced capacity for pathing analysis. By switching to an event-based model, Google Analytics 4 is even more flexible and better able to predict user behavior.