Helping the funded Chinese tech-startup Bryty to design their latest flagship model Air Cleaner Air 1 were a marvelous and interesting journey. With CADR rated at 428m3/h, Air 1 is can clean a room sized up to 51.36m2 and circulate the whole room air within 12 minutes. Effective in capturing various kind of nasty particles, including pollen, dust, mold, smoke and pet hairs.

As awareness of the environment and health Increases, more and more air purifiers are being sold around the world. Bryty’s unit reflects the latest in design, functionality, and technology. The accompanying app allows for the active user to turn on and latches it even when you are not home. The APP allows for the active user to turn on or off the unit, even if not at home.


Product Design



Bryty Air Cleaner
Bryty Air Cleaner in a hotel lobby
Conceptual design
Fits well in a living room as well