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We are all familiarized and used to hear about millennials as one of the hottest demographic to target in marketing, however new research from Digitas and Insider Inc. are pointing out they’re not the most powerful influencers, and that the market shouldn’t be focusing so much on specific generations in the first place.

Their recent study identifies a new group of individuals cutting across age groups and backgrounds that brands should be chasing: they call them the “transformists.” And they’re sharing a united mindset rather than a generation.

” The Transformists are tech-savvy individuals who don’t just use technology for fun but to better their lives and supplement the values and causes they believe in, ranging from social issues to career goals. ”

They after often pointed out as curious, driven and well-connected, the transformists are according to Insider Inc. and Digitas research the group that brands should be striving to reach.

The research estimate that there are 38 million approximately 38 million transformists in the US, and they engage with brands as a normal part of their lives online —77 percent “like” something a brand posts on social media once a week or more, and 51 percent are likely to actually buy something they see within their social feeds.

They get information from twice as many sources as their peers; they’re 62 percent more likely to get info from apps and 33 percent more likely to get info from social media, and they’re especially active on social media.

Transformists love new experiences and live by their values. They have exceptionally high expectations for the people and brands in their lives yet they’re loyal and excellent brand advocates.

“Marketers today place a lot of importance on reaching millennials,” said Jenifer Berman, SVP of marketing, Insider Inc. “But there are more than 80 million of them, and any group that largely defies definition. We believe it’s far more valuable to look at audiences through the filter of mindset and worldview—which is also the best way to identify the truly influential.”

Digitas broke news of its survey at its own newfront presentation, where it looked at how brands can lead with their values and connect with consumers in deeply politicized, easily offended times.

Data about the transformists in 2018