Trip.com provides one-stop travel booking services with more than 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and regions. Trip.com is a part of Ctrip group which is China’s largest travel booking agency and one of the world’s largest. Trip.com play a key role in tapping into the non-Chinese markets. Available in thirteen languages (and more to come) Trip.com allows users to search, compare and book flights and hotel rooms on its site and app.

The Chinese travel sector forecast to make more than 200 million outbound trips annually by 2020, up from about 130 million outbound trips last year, according to estimates from the China National Tourism Administration. Our proposed branding was to be seen as a step towards the international market. Trip.com recorded over six million users by the second quarter of 2018, and booking transactions have grown by 100 percent.

Proposed brand and identity guidelines for trip.com
Proposed Trip.com key elements
Proposed Updated version of Trip.com logo
Message and tone of voice
Trip.com colour
Trip.com imagery concept
Icons for trip.com
Illustration style proposal for trip.com