The Swedish Culture Year in China is organized by The Embassy of Sweden in Beijing and holds a purpose of promoting Sweden in China. It is a one-year-long celebration of the long, rich and diverse cultural relationship between the two countries. The initiative aims to foster cultural exchange, knowledge and to further develop mutual understanding, recognition, and exchange.

The wide range of cultural activities brings organized over the year grants a unique opportunity to further deepen and support Sweden’s existing relationship with China and to further embrace the long-standing foundation of mutual respect and appreciation which will continue to inspire innovation and creativity for many years to come.


Swedish Culture Year in China

What We Did

Campaign Identity

T-shirt for the Swedish Culture year in China
Pin for the Swedish Culture Year
Swedish Culture Year Bag

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Sweden has an official website that curious visitors can visit to learn more interesting facts, stories and references. The site is updated regularly and is considered interesting by the Swedes as well.

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Have you thought about visiting Sweden? If so, we recommend the Visit Sweden’s website. On their website there is information, maps and inspiring travel tips and facts for the curious once.